Level Up Honey Dew Shampoo 10 fl. oz.

Level Up Honey Dew Shampoo 10 fl. oz.

Level Up Haircare
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Cleanse | Detangle | Moisturize

Sulfate-free & Color-safe

Made from natural ingredients that moisturizes, cleanses and detangles the hair without stripping it of its’ natural oils. 

Affect:  Coconut oil seals in hydration to support weightless body with a soft finish, while cherry bark soothes the scalp to combat itchiness and irritation.

If ordering more than one product, consider a package deal and save money.

Does honey and coconut benefit to get silky smooth hair? 

The longing to have long silky smooth hair is fascinating. Many people cannot solve the mystery of having hair that are soft, shinier, and hydrated. Unfortunately, with products filled with harsh chemicals such as parabens and sulfate, you can never get silky smooth hair. 

But Level Up hair care is all possible. They have brought the best natural hair products for every hair type. Their range of honey dew shampoo has natural ingredients like honey and coconut. Both these ingredients have antibacterial properties, has lauric acid, which strengthens and conditions your hair. You can buy honey dew shampoo by Level Up hair care at economical prices. They also offer a chance to buy honey dew shampoo online with a 100% money-back guarantee offer. 

The combination of honey and coconut is a powerhouse that will not offer smoothness to your hair but will calm the scalp resulting in healthy hair. The honey dew shampoo by Level Up hair care also utilizes cherry bark to get rid of the scalp itchiness and irritation. People who have colored hair can buy honey dew herbal shampoo as it is color-safe. With Level Up hair care, you can now cleanse, detangle and moisturize your hair with ease.