What ingredients should you avoid while buying professional hair care products?

Almost every individual is working to minimize their exposure to harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. Well, going green has become a trend and most importantly, every consumer’s priority. This must have given you an idea of using reusable materials and avoiding the usage of plastic bags. But guys! Not only this, while buying professional hair care products also influence your hair and eventually your environment badly.

A few damaging ingredients like parabens and sulfates leave ever-lasting damages to your hair health. You might face a strange dryness and brittleness on your scalp and hair. So, every time you think of buy natural haircare products, make sure you check the entire ingredient list before buying the product.

Things to consider while purchasing professional hair care products

To maintain a good hair health, it is imperative to use the products that are gentle to your scalp. Here are the facts you should always remember while buying any hair care product:

  • Get educated about different hair care brands and their effects.
  • Know the exact hair care routine, like how often should you wash your hair or do you need to use a leave-in conditioner or serum.

  • Always see through the whole ingredient list, even if you are holding the best brand in your hand.

  • Ditch all the harsh chemicals and prefer to look for good hair care productshaving benefits of natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut and honey.

Last but not the least, when it comes to purchasing hair care, you should always prioritize quality over price

Ingredients to avoid while looking for good hair care products

  • Sulfates: You are probably aware of sulfates. Almost every good hair care products for healthy hair claims to be sulfate-free but have you ever wondered why you should avoid sulfates? Sulfates are mainly chemical detergents and are highly effective for removing all the dirt and oil from your hair. However, sulfates are ultimately harsh on your scalp. Getting deeper down the details, sulfate carrying products may contain hormone disrupting chemicals.

  • Parabens: Parabens are the most hated chemical group and are well-known for disrupting hormones and will eventually pose a cancer risk. According to a study of British scientists, parabens were found in breast cancer tissues’ samples. So, try to stay away from all the professional hair care products for healthy hair containing even the slightest amount of paraben.

  • Alcohol:Almost every product contains some kind of alcohol, but it will eventually dry your hair and make them brittle. So, to avoid increasing split ends, do not buy alcoholic hair care products. 
  • Fragrances:It’s a big NO! NO! NO! to fragrances. If your natural hair care products contain fragrances of natural oils, then there are chances that they will not harm you. However, not all the reputed brands selling the best natural hair care products for dry hair will say so the truth on their packaging.
  • Toluene: Toluene is a kind of petrochemical and is usually found in hair dyes. According to health experts, such products containing toluene can eventually hamper the user’s immune system and lead to congenital disabilities. In fact, if you are an expectant mother and looking for genuine professional hair care products for shining hair, stay far away from toluene. It can cause a detrimental effect on your central nervous system.

  • Polyethylene glycol: This is mainly known as PEG and has in interference to your body. Polyethylene glycol is a development toxicant according to Natural Society, which is the state of California. Moreover, this may also be contaminated with dioxane, which is not a good product for the human body. So, it would be best if you prefer buying professional hair care products with natural ingredients instead of buying shampoos or conditioner containing PEG.

What ingredients should you prefer to have in your hair care products?

The key mantra to buying the best natural hair care products for frizz-free hair is to purchase only sulfate-free products. And if you want to get rid of roughness, it would be best to look for humectants like coconut oil.

Moreover, scroll down the see the entire list of ingredients that will be beneficial for your hair health:

  • Silicon oils to make your hair shine

  • Olive oil, palm oil and jojoba oil

  • Hydrolyzed keratin

  • Mango butter and shea butter

  • Vitamin E and vitamin B5

  • Argan oil

However, even if you are buying the best-rated professional hair care products, you must ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Wrapping up

When it comes to the beauty industry or specifically hair care products, it is imperative to prioritize certified brands. And if you are still making your choice, explore natural hair care products at Level Up Haircare’s range to get the best results.