How to get silky and smooth hair?

With the rising level of pollution and hectic lifestyle, our hair is suffering. With a little bit of care, we can have our silky hair back. You can recognize silky hair when you see smooth and healthy hair follicles. These hairs fall in straight lines free of tangles and split ends. Everyone desire this hair, however getting them is not obvious today. The pollution is affecting our hair in a corrupt way. Find the best products for silky hair to make them stronger.

A common misconception is that silky hair needs to be straight and shiny. However, this is hardly the case. Hair comes in all types and all of them can be equally healthy. Whether they are straight, curly, wavy, coily, you need to treat them correctly and give them proper protein to keep them healthy. Smooth hair can be achieved with any hair type if you follow the basic routine.

One of the significant reasons why our hair is suffering is a lack of attention too. Almost none of us care about our hair as we should do. The products we apply are not all friendly to our hair and damage it in long run. From regular shampooing, conditioning to brushing, here are a few tips you need to follow to keep your hair healthy.

Regularly Brush Your Hair

One of the easiest steps to get smooth hair is by brushing them regularly. Experts recommend brushing your hair at least twice daily-once before the shower and once before heading to sleep to keep them strong. Brushing activates the gland present in the scalp that produces oil healthy for hair. It also helps the oil get evenly distributed in the scalp.

Further, we lose a lot of hair strands daily. By not brushing these hair strands get tangled with existing hair leading to hair loss. Regular brushing gets rid of those loose strands. However, doctors have also suggested against over-brushing. You can also buy silky hair products for your needs.

Brushing your hair with plastic brushes creates a static charge which makes the hair dry and brittle. Always brush once the hair has been washed and dried. There is the proper technique to brush your hair. Bend your head town and bush it from top to bottom gently. It is a tested way to make those hair strands soft and silky.

Shampoo Regularly 

Shampoo cleans the hair and removes dirt. A lot of styling products get stuck in your hair. It is essential to cleanse your hair regularly with shampoo to keep them clean. A clean scalp promotes hair growth keeping hair soft and silky. However, not all shampoos are suited for each hair type. If you look closely at each shampoo available in the market, all of them are made differently. They are all formulated for a particular kind of hair. Get your hands on the best silky hair products.

Dry hair needs shampoo with mixed oils, while oily hair needs shampoo with clarifying properties. Similarly, if you use hair colors, then opt for balancing shampoos that can fortify the color strand.

Do Not Forget to Conditioner Your Hair 

One of the best tips to get soft and silky hair is to follow your shampoo with a good conditioner. A good quality conditioner has agents that smooth scalps out after shampoo have done its job of removing the dirt. For extra bounce and shine, opt for shampoos that have keratin.

Regularly opt for Hair Spa 

Considering current scenarios, your hair needs extra care every while and then. If you aim to get soft, silky, tangle-free, voluminous hair strands that are full of bounce, you need to pay a little more attention. A hair spa is a routine hair treatment that contains massage, steam, shampooing, and conditioning. A hair spa cleanses all the pores and makes sure that all the nutrients reach their apt place. The effect of a hair spa typically lasts for about 20 days. For a long-lasting impression, one should opt for a hair spa treatment at least twice a month.

Change your Diet

Hair is a part of your body and needs protein to grow. If you have been eating junk food a lot there is no wonder your hair is suffering. Eat a protein-rich diet and superfoods such as avocados, omega-rich fatty fish like salmon and eggs are beneficial for your health. Changing your diet is one of the best homemade tricks you can use to improve your hair.

Avoid Artificial Heat

Artificial heat, the one you get from blow-drying your hair or straighteners is harmful. Regular use of these devices dries out hair make them vulnerable to breakage and split ends. Try to remove all the excess moisture from your hair by using a dry towel. Instead of vigorously shaking your hair strands, squeeze out the moisture and leave them to dry.